20.10.17 - OUT OF COMFORT

After years of knowing ‘of’ Lauren Constable, i have finally had the opportunity to work and connect with this dope artist making waves in the creative industry!

The connection was tight and magic was made!!

Lauren is an all rounder Creative – trained in Makeup and Photography.

Mother and Grandmother.

I got to catchup with Lauren and she shared a little about herself, why she does what she does and being a creative in New Zealand!


“I don’t feel like I just take a photo I feel like I create a different type of photographic art.
It’s never forced. It just happens. I’m not a technical shooter I work by my intuition although clearly you have to have your technical knowledge for your work to be what it is. If you’re ever around me while I’m working you know how I roll. It’s momentary and sometimes effortless. Always shoot Manual!”

I’ve always had a camera since forever and I think I’ve used it to hide behind in social situations because I can avoid small talk.. and avoid awkward situations. I love the fact I’ve produced something even if it’s just while hanging with friends on some hectic adventure.
It’s always been right in front of me –¬†what I was I meant to do, I’m glad I¬†listened to myself and didn’t pass maths!

What projects have you been working on?

I’ve shot multiple music gigs for The Settlers, worked R&A last year and lined up again for this year. Commercial work for Whitebait Tv, Avenues Magazine, Laneways Tattoo Studio, The Cotton Club, Calendar Girls …

How do you feel about the current state of the creative scene/industry in New Zealand? and how do you fit into it?

I think the current state of NZ’s creative scene is dope! Everyone’s in their own zone, heaps of fresh talent on the come up and I’m hyped on it.
SWIDT Jess B YIKES Milkshake Models just to name a few …
The Creative Scene has modernised a lot! Insanely Content Driven !!!
I’m inspired by the people that I’m around, colour palettes, music. Basically my surroundings. Anything can happen and if I’m there I’m making something crazy out of it and most of you have never seen it.
I just roll with it and that’s how I like it because there’s no pressure or expectations and that’s when I create my best work in my opinion.
Guerrilla Shoots is where it’s at.

What does collaboration mean to you?

Collaboration to me is generally an accident

But if it was to be planned it’s a team of like minded people who link up and create some heat.
It’s not for Exposure!

What are you working on at the moment?

What am I working on at the moment … fuck umm myself and trying to answer these questions. Ugh … I really want to work on doing an exhibition! There’s a small matter of collating my work. I have so many types of styles/genres of photography it’s hard to decide where to start.
I’ve just shot the Launch for OUT OF COMFORT and about to do the Online Content this weekend and a shoot with Nikki Montana for her EP also. I’ve got a series of 4 3x3m Art Panels going up at Boxed Quarter in the City. Mums going to be so proud!

If you could work/collaborate with anyone of your choice who would it be?

Parris Goebel? Because she gives me Goosebumps or some completely out the gate Designer like Jeremy Scott and Musically Asap Rocky.

instagram: @lauren_constable // @shotby.lauren