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His name is Jasper J, a 25 year old filmmaker in Auckland, NZ. 

Jasper has been working with digital images for around 5 years now and has been crafting his own style over the years to date, specialising in Camera work and editing. Jasper is also part of a creative collective called "The Grow Room" and works closely within the Kroad community. Recently he has taken a step back from creating smaller images and has started working on more long form projects, ones of which hold substantial importance in terms of story telling within New Zealand. Below is a short Q + A with the incredibly talented NZ Creative.

What is it like for you, being a creative in New Zealand? 

Being a creative within New Zealand is fairly competitive, if you haven't got that full time job or constant employer you've gotta be pushing your own work and marketing yourself for others projects. I'm fortunate enough to work for a great production company working on TVCs and in my own time or in between jobs I get to pick up anything that comes my way. There are times I have to turn people down because I'm not passionate about their project or I'm busy, but there are also the less busy times where I involve myself in my own work.

How do you feel about the current state of the creative scene/industry in New Zealand? and how do you fit into it? 

I think the current state of the creative scene in NZ right now is proving itself world wide that we as a small country, produce amazing quality images, sounds, advertisements, social awareness, we really are world class, but I feel its important to stay humble and remember you can always do better. I've met people who are rather arrogant because of their job title or what they've worked on, they develop egos which don't fit well on set or in our communities. One thing of great importance I think we should all be more aware of is not to undersell ourselves as artists, we are creating something from nothing. So to all those agencies/clients out there getting people to work for free on projects, they need to stop it  because its ruining the industry, free work doesn't pay the doctors bills or the rent, even a modest Koha goes a long way. This year I've been really strict on not any free jobs. If I'm passionate about the artist or the cause, I will always consider and help out as much as I can though.

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What are you working on at the moment? 

Currently I'm working on the 4th season of a web-series called The Grow Room Sessions which has been promoting local musicians on Kroad for the last two years. I've been cutting my documentary on a group of old west coast surfers who's sense of comradery is allowing them to defy time as they're surfing late into their 60s, 70s and even their 80s. The film touches on mental health, global warming, staying fit and the beauty of our country.

If you could work on, create, be part of any film of your choice - what would it be and why? 

I'd probably work on one of Guy Ritchie's new films, ambitious and out of reach but I love the way he speeds up the stories progression with his montage sequences of repetition and his fight scenes I feel are unrivaled, so I'd love to be on set their and watch it all unfold. I'm very post orientated when I'm not shooting so it would be interesting to see how its all composited together.

How did you link up with OUT OF  COMFORT and what did you like the most about working with the brand? 

Eliza Trubuhovich, who took the photos during our shoot day introduced me to Shannon and from there I really fell in love with her unique vision for the project, I was given really flexible creative control to bring the vision forward from the mood board and creative brief. I really fell in love with the clothing the morning I saw them, the vision we had for the launch clip was really brought to life through the clothing and the models and I really enjoyed being apart of something really cool and different.

Instagram - @jasperjayfilm

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