Out of  Comfort is built on the idea that challenges conformity and embraces self expression.

Focused on a relaxed silhouette, with exaggerated accents for added finesse.

It is important to the OUT OF COMFORT brand DNA that it keeps its production roots in New Zealand, supporting local makers/tailors, suppliers, and skilled garment workers.

It is these genuine and personal experiences throughout the development process along with our design mantra “finding perfection in imperfection” that epitomises the brand and its commitment to create high quality clothing that adds value and longevity to any lifestyle.

Growing organically Out of  Comfort celebrates individuals whilst adamant about deconstructing the norms of life and liberating others from the traditional mindset.

The result, being a young brand striving to create a space of creativity, substance, authenticity and ultimately finding your comfort against the grain!







“As a young designer I believe I have the daunting but incredibly exciting responsibility of being part of a new wave of designers who feel it is their passion and obligation to turn this industry around. I believe this starts with education. We need to educate our customer to ask more questions. We need our customer to constantly challenge businesses and labels that they care about, to challenge their own organisations, their communities and themselves.“


“I have realised one of the fundamental problems in the fashion industry is how incredibly disconnected consumers are from where the garment has come from, and how unaware they are of the effects these products have on nature and the culture of our society. Consumers have little recognition of poverty wages, forced overtime, waste mountains and climate change. Society needs a revolution of values, to stop treating people in a way where everything is only about profit. Let the benefits of the industry be shared globally. Money is a means to an end, and people should be accountable for how it is used. We need to look at the land not as a commodity but as the very basis of our life on earth.”

” Slow fashion is the future ”


– “Founder and Creative director Shannon Thompson” –

“Extra special shout out to Margaret Thompson for planting the seed and supporting the dream since I was a youngin. Aroha Always! You truly are my blessing”

– Shannon Thompson –

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